A Bed for Every Child

A Bed for Every Child

JTI is proud of Derek Sheckman Award winner Jason Gladstone for not only raising money to purchase 8 beds for A Bed for Every Child but bringing together community members this past weekend to build those 8 beds. It was an amazing day, and Governor Baker was even on hand to wish Jason and others well! Yasher Koach (great job) to Jason on this amazing project and on helping to combat the very real problem of children who don’t have a bed to call their own…as we learn in Pirkei Avot (The Teachings of our Sages), “It is not up to us to complete the task, but neither are we free to desist from it.”

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Mazal tov

Mazal tov

Mazal tov to all of our JewishBostonTeens graduating seniors! Contact a member of the #JTIBoston team to learn about the many opportunities to connect Jewishly on campus, ideas for a gap year and semester abroad programs & more. Also, take 60 seconds to fill out this form, and you can receive more information from our friends at Hillel International!

Making a WORLDWIDE difference!

Making a WORLDWIDE difference!

JTI Delivers:

50 School Supplies Backpacks to the JFS/MFA Mobilize Boston Container

By JFS of Metrowest Staff

We are excited to share that the JFS/MFA Mobilize Boston project is wrapping up next month, meaning we will soon be sending our shipping container of supplies to refugee camps across Syria!

Just last week, Gabe Miner of Jewish Teen Initiative (JTI) brought another delivery of backpacks to our storage container! He says, “The most recent backpacks were one of 18 projects on JTI & CJP Community Action Day, which saw more than 200 volunteers of all ages come to Plummer Youth Promise in Salem for an amazing day of service that included building, cooking, painting, and making backpacks.”

Thanks to the teens’ hard work and generosity, dozens of children in Syria’s refugee camps will be able to attend school with proper educational materials!

Reposted from JFS of Metrowest’s Blog – May 28, 2019


What We Say!

So cool to see the 40-foot shipping container that JFS of Metrowest is sending to Syria next month! We were happy to drop off the 50 bags of school supplies that we made at JTI & CJP – Combined Jewish Philanthropies Community Action Day…and somewhere in the container are also the 200 hygiene kits we made as part of Love Our Neighbors back in October. Thanks to all the #JewishBostonTeens and adults who helped pack bags this year and to JFS Metrowest for taking on this amazing project helping refugees! Nice work!!

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Article Repost

Article Repost

Over 200 Attend:

JTI & CJP Community Action Day

By Jewish Journal Staff

SALEM – On Sunday, April 14, more than 200 individuals – representing three generations of volunteers aged 2 to 80 – rolled up their sleeves to participate in JTI (Jewish Teen Initiative) & CJP (Combined Jewish Philanthropies) Com­munity Action Day. The event was hosted by Plummer Youth Promise in Salem, a residential facility that embraces the most vulnerable young people in the community, offering them support and helping them become productive, valued members of the community. Event participants were able to choose close to 20 projects, all led by teens.

From making backpacks for kids in Syria, to cooking food for people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from, to creating welcome baskets for those who have never felt welcome, to prepping garden beds that will grow vegetables and flowers showing hope, to creating art that is vibrant showing a brighter future – participants were able to perform the mitzvah of Tikkun Olam and make a difference.

Teen leader Libby Rosen, a sophomore from Marblehead, expressed a sentiment shared by many:

“There was something for everyone to do and we were all able to come together and make something great and help lots of great people. I am so happy to have been part of community action day and part of something bigger than myself.”

Jesse Swartz volunteered with his father, Matthew, of Swampscott.
J.D. Urman, Joe Selby, and Nate Selby construct a garden bed for Plummer Youth Promise.

buttonThe projects benefited Plum­mer Youth Promise, Lifebridge, Lynn Shelter Association, North Shore Community Develop­ment Coalition and JFS of MetroWest.

Reposted from Jewish Journal – April 19, 2019

*Brought to you by JTI in partnership with Combined Jewish Philanthropies and made possible in part by a grant from BBYO and the Michael Steinberg Leadership Development Endowment Fund. With special thanks to Epstein Hillel School, NFTY, The Food Project, Jewish Community Center of the North Shore, and J-Serve. Generously supported by Pediatric Health Care Associates and Levine’s Kosher Meats and Deli. Donations from Atlantic Ambulance Service, Home Depot, Lowes, Marblehead Tent, PEAK Event Services, Stop and Shop, Value Store It – Allston, and Wegmans.

Happy Pesach!

Happy Pesach!

Wishing our #JTIBoston friends and family a happy and sweet #Passover! As we celebrate freedom and community, we also hear the call to continue our work together in helping to connect more #JewishBostonTeens and make our world a better place.

Peer Leader Fellowship

Peer Leader Fellowship

Act. Build. Create. Develop!

Metrowest, North Shore & Ruderman Peer Inclusion Cohorts

#JTIBoston is seeking Sophomore & Junior #JewishBostonTeens from our Metrowest and North Shore communities looking to take their leadership experiences to the next level and #engageIRL! Apply today to act as connectors, build relationships, create community and develop leadership skills.

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Our signature #PeerLeadershipFellows program, is in partnership with Hillel International with support from The Ruderman Family Foundation & CJP – Combined Jewish Philanthropies!


Our Heartfelt Thanks!

Our Heartfelt Thanks!

The #NorthShore #JewishBoston community came together in the spirit of #TikkunOlam – repairing our world and l’dor v’dor – from generation to generation.

#JewishBostonTeens led 200+ volunteers of all ages and staff during what was an inspiring and beautiful day. Much love ❤️ to everyone for #DoingGood with us and making #JTIBoston & CJP #CommunityActionDay2019 a HUGE success!

Together, in just a few short hours we…

  • Built and painted 6 picnic tables and 12 benches
  • Built and painted 4 sets of cornhole boards
  • Built shelving in the basement
  • Cooked meals for the residents at Plummer and for 75 people at LifeBridge
  • Painted 2 multi-panel murals and the gazebo at Plummer
  • Packed 50 school kits to go to young refugees in Syria
  • Cleaned up and replanted the garden and the front grounds and decorated the welcoming circle at Plummer
  • Made bird feeders, planters, and posters for citizenship classes for local immigrants

In partnership with CJP, BBYO, J-Serve, Epstein Hillel School, JCCNS, The Food ProjectNFTY, and The Michael Steinberg Leadership Development Endowment Fund the day’s work supported Plummer Youth Promise, Lynn Shelter Association, Lifebridge, North Shore Community Development Coalition and JFS of Metrowest.

Many thanks to Pediatric Healthcare Associates, and Larry Levine’s Meats & Deli for your generous support. We’re grateful for donations from Value Store It Allston, MHD Tents, PEAK Events, Atlantic Ambulance, Home Depot, Lowes, Wegmans, and Stop & Shop. #GoodDeedsDay #Salem

To see the day in photos 📸, check out our Facebook album.

Want More? (We hope so!)

Community Action Day work supported the efforts of three organizations providing homes & a path to stability for neighbors on the North Shore. To learn more about homelessness, ways to engage, & CJP’s social justice priority in this work, join us May 15th, 6:30pm for light dinner & discussion at JTI’s office in Marblehead. Email Beth Tauro for info or to sign up!

Apply for JTI’s Peer Leader Fellowship

This outstanding year-long opportunity for Jewish teens in Boston’s Metrowest and North Shore communities hires and trains students to serve as resources for the uninvolved or marginally engaged to connect with their peers and each other. Our Peer Leader Fellows help build community all year long!