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The Habitat of WORK

By Lily McGuirk, St. Mary’s 2020

My experience with Habitat allowed me to work hand in hand with other teens from the North Shore. We spent 5 days working on a house. When we started there was a frame of the house and after we left we had accomplished putting in window frames, and building dry walls…we really got to see our the progress we helped make. On the trip teens come together and form new bonds, and share the quality of helping others. Not only do you work together but it’s great to travel, visit a college, and enjoy fun activities. The trip is an amazing experience which develops character, and is an experience which you come back and remember. Teens who join the trip are driven to work because they feel it is important to help others. The JTI habitat trip is an amazing experience which I recommend you experience for yourself because I have had the privilege of connecting to my jewish faith, meeting other teens, and working for others.

Make the world a better place this February 17-23, 2019 on our upcoming trip to New Orleans.