L’Taken 2018

L’Taken 2018

In Their Own Words

Read what JTI teens have said about participating in Religious Action Center’s L’Taken Seminar in Washington, D.C. Read on and click here to learn more and register.

“The RAC L’Taken trip in Washington DC made me realize how important it is for us Jews to advocate on the behalf of others because as a group we know what it is like to depend on other people advocating for us.”

~ Ben Birnbach, L’Taken 2016

“I now realize how important facing our country’s social justice topics are to me. Being able to lobby for an issue that I am passionate about, while seeing how it connects to me, is really meaningful. Without this trip, I wouldn’t care so much. It feels good to know I can make a difference!”

~ Simone Nardizzi, L’Taken 2016

“The experience piqued my interest in political action, and made me more aware of problems facing Americans and how our religion sees them. The trip overall was an incredibly prodigious experience, and I left the capital with friends from all over the country, including right here at home.”

~ Elana Zabar, L’Taken 2015

“Throughout the weekend, I learned some of the things that no one can teach you, but you can teach yourself. I met the kindest people and I have learned how to accept different types of people for who they are. In DC, I took a chance to be open, kind and willing to learn new information about a different movement of Judaism.”

~ Daniel Jacobson, L’Taken 2015

“L’Taken gave me the chance to self-reflect, create new friendships and see our nation’s capital.”

~ Matt Scholnick, L’Taken 2014

“One moment from the trip that really resonated with me was spending havdallah on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. All 300 conference teens from around the nation held candles and prayed together. There was a feeling of togetherness and connection.”

~ Lily Cummings, L’Taken 2012

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