2nd Annual Peer Leadership National Training Seminar

2nd Annual Peer Leadership National Training Seminar

Kicking off the new year, #PeerLeadershipFellows from Boston and throughout the country gathered in Baltimore last weekend at the 2nd Annual Peer Leadership Fellows National Training Seminar. More than 70 Fellows and staff from five cities spent the weekend learning about the art of relational engagement, peer-to-peer connection, and design thinking. Thank you to our friends @4frontbaltimore for hosting us and to our partners @cjpboston, @teenfundercollaborative and @jimjosephfoundation for their ongoing support as we begin the fourth year of the program (more photos on our Facebook page). Learn more about how Fellows will be helping to make our community more connected and inclusive for #JewishBostonTeens in the coming year.

photo Sunday, September 15, 2019
Day 3:  What an amazing weekend engaging IRL!

The #JTIBoston #PeerLeadershipFellows just returned from kicking-off our year with other Fellows from around the country and are excited to connect with more #JewishBostonTeens! Thanks to everyone for making it a huge success. Brb…sorting through 1200+ photos 😂 More coming later this week!

photoFriday, September 13, 2019
Day 1: #ShabbatShalom from Baltimore

This weekend, #JTIBoston #PeerLeadershipFellows are joining other fellows from @4frontbaltimore, @cincyjewishteens, @thesecondfloorpgh & @jfedroc for the 2nd Annual Peer Leadership National Training Seminar! We’re excited to be connecting with other Fellows from across the country, celebrating #Shabbat as a community and diving into the art of peer-to-peer #relationalengagement #engageIRL #jewishbostonteens