Independent School Service Trip


Rebuilding Neighborhoods in Need

logoIf our Habitat for Humanity trip offered every other February vacation week doesn’t work with your calendar, but you want to travel with friends and make an impact where it’s needed, THIS IS YOUR TRIP FOR JUNE 2020!

In order to accommodate both public and independent school calendars, we alternate travel opportunities between February and June every other year. Teens interested in traveling in February 2020 are encouraged to explore our L’Taken trip to Washington, D.C.

Join Jewish teens from Greater Boston, ages 15+, for this June service trip that fits perfectly in most independent school calendars. In past years we’ve worked to restore storm-damaged neighborhoods in both New Orleans and Houston; each year we select a location where our help is truly needed!

This adventure is always a great mix of work and play – by day we roll up our sleeves at the job site, and in the evenings, we enjoy the local culture, food, and entertainment. Please remember, while we have fun on this trip, it is a work/volunteer experience. If you are not interested in doing significant work, please do not take a spot from someone else excited to work hard.

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*Made possible by micro-grants from Repair the World.


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