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Leaders-in-Training (LITs) are entering 8th, 9th, or 10th grades. The Summer at the J Leader-in-Training (LIT) program partnering with JTI follows the experiential learning model by providing instruction and support in goal-setting, communication, team-building, personal and group challenge and growth, while assisting pre-teens and teens in their own leadership development. All LITs may attend weekly field trips, designed specifically for their age! We also have two exciting LIT overnights planned at the JCCNS!

The Summer at the J LIT program has two components:

Junior LITs: Those entering 8th & 9th grades begin our LIT program for a minimum of 4 weeks. Junior LITs begin to immerse themselves in the experiential learning model through individual and group activities and initiatives, low ropes elements, service learning, and fun at camp and beyond! Camp activities and field trips allow our Junior LITs to get to know themselves, one another, our camp, and the wider community.

Senior LITs: Those entering 10th grade are in their final year of our LIT program. These individuals may be new to camp or may have been part of our LIT program before. They will receive the same, developmentally appropriate leadership training, with additional opportunities to serve at camp. Based on their interests and skills, Senior LITs will be assigned responsibilities in groups or with specialists (Arts & Crafts, Sports & Games, Mad Science, Nature, etc.) in addition to taking part in field trips and other camp activities designed specifically for LITs. Those who meet requirements and successfully complete the six-week Senior LIT program will be given the opportunity to work as Junior Counselors for the remaining weeks of summer.


Download the Camp Guide for more details. For more information, contact Simchah Camp Director, Jessie Stephens at [email protected]

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