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JTI ’s Jewish Camping


#JewishBostonTeens are all over the map this summer, taking their journeys to Jewish overnight camps, Israel and beyond! The JTI Team is getting ready for an exciting new year, but the FOMO (fear of missing out) is real…so we’re spending some time at camp, too!

We’ve heard from a bunch of our teens who are having an amazing time in #Israel with Lappin FoundationY2I, Camp Pembroke & Camp Tel Noar.   Where has your Jewish journey taken you this summer? We’d love to hear from you! #jtiboston #howucamp

Follow Brett and Gabe’s adventures, in addition to our teens’, on our social media channels.

Wishing all of our #JewishBostonTeens a great final few days at your summer homes away from home – we can’t wait to reconnect when you get home from #jewishcamp & plug back in! See you soon!

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Counselors in Carts Getting Canteen

Check out Sophie, a Metrowest Cohort 1 Peer Leader Fellow, in this video from Camp Tel Noar.

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PEM Kindness Day 2018

How are you helping to spread kindness this summer?

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Pictured: Camp Pembroke, Peer Leadership Fellows in Israel with Y2I, The Cohen Camps Dor L’Dor program and Camp Tel Noar.

bullet point Brett Lubarsky is Associate Director and Gabe Miner is Program Director of JTI – Boston