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Making a Difference

By Simone Nardizzi, Swampscott High School, 2019

The L’Taken seminar opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunities. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into when I initially signed up, however, I left Washington DC with new passions and a new idea of how Judaism played an active role in my daily life. Throughout the weekend, we were given the opportunity to sign up for certain seminars, learn as much as we could about that topic, and eventually lobby it to a congressman. I chose two very different topics: criminal justice and reproduction rights. I ended up lobbying about reproduction rights/comprehensive sexual education, however, I am currently extremely interested in studying criminal justice in college. This is a study I had never seen myself in until I was exposed to it on this weekend in DC.

We were given so many opportunities to meet people from around the country in the seminars and during the services. I also became really close with the people that I went on the plane with through rooming and just spending most of the days together. Not only was the weekend very educational but it was also incredibly fun with the free time we were given to wander around, visit monuments, and so much more. I would recommend this trip to anybody, no matter how involved or uninvolved they may be in any of these topics. It really is a trip to find your passion and it is a very fun weekend.

Lobbying for our country’s social justice issues and seeing how they connected to me was meaningful! I care more because of this trip. It feels good knowing I can make a difference!

bullet point  Simone Nardizzi was a 2016 L’Taken Social Justice Seminar participant.